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Sunday Birdwalks (3 September) as scheduled (7:30am/9am) - rain no problem

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Blackburnian Warbler by Doug Leffler

Yes no matter what the weather there will be two bird walks on Sunday, 2 September: one at 7:30am and another at 9am meeting at the Boathouse. As always, you can do both walks for $10 - get two for the price of one. Email us ( or call (718-828-8262) with any questions or concerns. Otherwise just meet us at the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant (74th street and East Drive) - and bring an umbrella if you are prone to getting wet in the rain. Thank You to Doug Leffler for the photograph of the Blackburnian Warbler above (photographed in early September) and the Magnolia Warbler below - also photographed in early September 2017.

Magnolia Warbler photographed by Doug Leffler

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