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Meet Robert DeCandido, PhD

​(Aka Birding Bob)

Bob's Story

The Bob is from NYC - he was born in the Bronx, not so long ago. In the late 1980s he began the first autumn raptor migration study at Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx (1988-1991), and later in Central Park at Belvedere Castle (1995-2002). He earned MS and PhD degrees studying the flora of NYC, while working full-time as a biologist for the NYC Department of Parks.


His bird walks began in spring 1992 and have continued each year since then. Bob worked on the reintroduction of the Eastern Screech-owl to Central Park (1996-2002) and various breeding bird surveys of the park, including studying a Peregrine Falcon nest on Central Park West (2014-2017).

In between these research projects and the bird walks, Bob began raptor migration research projects in Nepal (starting in 1999) and Thailand (starting 2003); both sites have become globally significant bird migration hot spots.


These days Bob lives in the Bronx with Deborah Allen in a house they own with a garden outside and tropical fish inside...and he remains an independent voice for the importance of urban parks and green spaces for birds and people.

The Birdman of the Empire State Building

Watch video on Bob doing his groundbreaking research on bird migration in NYC.
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