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Shorebird Migration - the Bronx (NYC)

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Besides warblers and other landbirds, many shorebirds are heading south right now and passing through NYC. In the Bronx, at the Orchard Beach parking lot, a series of temporary freshwater pools, each less than four inches deep, have become a favorite resting/feeding spot for these birds including several uncommon to rare species. Last week on 25 August (Friday at 6:30pm), alerted by by two friends, Deborah and I photographed Red-necked Phalaropes, formerly called Northern Phalaropes - see photos of the two birds at below. Then today at 8am, Jack Rothman photographed two Whimbrels at the same spot - see his two photos below and check out Jack's web site:

Whimbrel photographed by Jack Rothman

Whimbrel #2 photographed by Jack Rothman

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