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SPECIAL! Tuesday Morning Bird Walk - 7 May: 7:30am/9:30am = Dock on Turtle Pond $10

Updated: Feb 28

7 May 2019 - SPECIAL! Tuesday Morning Bird Walks

Today (Monday 6 May) was amazing in the Ramble. On our bird walk we saw multiple Indigo Buntings; Summer Tanager; Hooded Warbler (indeed almost 20 warbler species); and folks who stayed late saw the Blue Grosbeak at the Bird Feeders.

With overnite southerly winds forecast, we believe Tuesday, 7 May (tomorrow) will be the big day of spring 2019 in Central Park, so:

We are adding two walks on Tuesday morning 7 May:

7:30am and 9:30am - Meet at the Dock on Turtle Pond

$10: You can do one or both walks for $10

See you bright and early!

And Remember! Ms. Sandra Critelli will be doing her regularly scheduled Tuesday night walk starting at 6pm at the Boathouse Restaurant/Cafe. Just $10!!!

You can follow all the up to the second sightings in Central Park on Twitter via the Manhattan Bird Alert created and skillfully moderated by our own David Barrett:


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